Experiments with Toxic Nectar Kills 90% of Mosquito Populations

02 Infectious Disease, 07 Health

 Found here, (mentions cheap boric acid solution) but the NY Times article requires login.

Supported by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Schlein and his research partner Günter C. Müller concocted an array of nectar poisons known as Attractive Toxic Sugar Baits that are easy to make, environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

In tests in Israel and in West Africa, the baits knocked down mosquito populations by 90 percent. Even better, they nearly eliminated older females, the most dangerous mosquitoes. (Only females bite humans, and only mosquitoes that have already picked up malaria, dengue or another disease from one human can inject it with their saliva into another human.)

Also see this Nature article “Ecology: A World Without Mosquitos.”

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