John Robb: Resilient Curiosity, Cities Under Seige

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John Robb

LINKS: August, 31 2011

Some items of interest:

  • Biocurious is a biohackerspace opening in Sunnyvale. Local software, hardware, and bio labs that connect to a global, R&D effort via online networks. A neighborhood location where professionals (formally educated) and amateurs (in the best sense of the word) can work together on building new things and improving on old ones. Every RC should have one…
  • Fake Facebook to harvest protestor identities in Syria.
  • The systemic threat presented by an overnight, term collateral swap market.
  • William Gibson on people and cities.
  • Talk by Stephen Graham on Cities Under Siege. Simply: an overview of military efforts to build systems that pervasively monitor all urban inhabitants. Seen as a way to control “feral” cities at a distance. This is the seed for how modern city states will be controlled in a neo-feudal system (after capitalism's crisis causes modern nation-states to disintegrate).
  • Cities as operating systems.
  • Lanier on the future. “What we have to do to create liberty in the future is to monetize more and more instead of monetize less and less, and in particular we have to monetize more and more of what ordinary people do…” NOTE: I'm not a fan of Lanier's thinking. Not sure why he gets as much play as he does.
  • English translation of a Bundeswehr report on peak oil. (PDF)
  • How solar can follow Moore's Law.
  • United States food insecurity

Phi Beta Iota:  We are a fan of Lanier.  See his essential “A Contrarian View” as published in Mark Tovey (ed), COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace (Earth Intelligence Network, 2008).

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