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In the end, the full truth comes out…

Exposed: Uncensored WikiLeaks cables posted to Web

USA Today, 1 September 2011

LONDON (AP) – Uncensored copies of WikiLeaks' massive tome of U.S. State Department cables were circulating freely across the Internet on Thursday, a dramatic development which leaves a new batch of U.S. sources vulnerable to embarrassment and potential retribution.

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Until recently, WikiLeaks released relatively small batches of files to its partner organizations — composed of dozens of international media and human rights groups — so that they could remove information which could put innocent people in jeopardy. Only then were the files posted online.

But with the unredacted cables now being sloshed around in the public domain, all that work has effectively been thrown out the window.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is interesting for at least two reasons.  First, the era of “rule by secrecy” is over.  However deep the secrecy might be–and the “elite” are certainly better at it than the US Government–complexity is now at a point where breaches are inevitable.  Second, the more visible these breaches become, the more people will realize that secrecy as we practice it (too much, pervasive, fascist vice survivalist) is synonymous with fraud, waste, and abuse.  Secrecy is the opposite of sunlight, and has the same pernicious effect as toxic mold on a democratic society.  The time for an Open Source Agency is now.  State, Commerce, and Defense need to learn how to carry out a foreign policy that is open, peaceful, and constructive.

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