Koko: IBM Acquires I2–No Mention of Fat Finger Costs

Advanced Cyber/IO

IBM acquires i2 to fight crime and security threats

Net Security,01 September 2011

IBM will acquire i2 to accelerate its business analytics initiatives and help clients address crime, fraud and security threats. Financial terms were not disclosed.

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Organizations in both the public and private sectors today are facing an exponential increase in “big data” — information and intelligence coming from disparate and unstructured sources including social media, biometrics and criminal databases. When it is accessible to the people who need it, this information can be used to anticipate potential problems, make better, faster decisions, and coordinate resources to deliver exceptional service to citizens and customers.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Fascinating, since I2 is to analytics as water is to C-Rations….humans do the fat-fingering, humans carry the water.  As much as we like the idea of IBM trying to do more in analytics, this seems like a superficial acquisition that does not address the fundamentals.  They might have been better off talking to  any number of individuals focused on massive global gaming, human computation, and crowd-sourcing.

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