Penguin: Spotlight on CIA Getting Specifics Wrong

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CIA in a microcosm….


After weeks of interrogation, Glenn Carle concluded that the man in front of him was not the al-Qaida terrorist the CIA accused him of being. In a candid new book, he asks what happens when a government allows it fears to compromise its values.

Mrgaret Guroff

Johns Hopkins Magazine, 31 August 2011

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is not about fears.  No one in the US Government actually believes the greatest threat to America is terrorism (which is a traffic accident at best).  This is about keeping the corruption going.  It is about the complete loss of both intelligence and integrity across the entire US Government, but particularly the national security bureacracy, the Congressional boosters, the White House Goldman Sachs mafia, and the mindless media.  All of this is a betrayal of the public trust richly deserving of public scorn and vengeance.

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