Chuck Spinney: No Freedom for Palestine Says Obama

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Chuck Spinney
… My Cairo speech may have felt good, but I urge patience.  Please remember, I ‘lead from behind,’ and so the steering wheel of my ship of state is not connected to its rudder. There is nothing I can or will do to change its course.  Hopefully, if the ship of state stays its own course, I might pass through a hole in the line of shoals in front of me (i.e., BiBi, Hillary, Congress, AIPAC, Rick Perry, the House Republicans, etc.), and then I will be able to lead from behind until 2016.

Published on Sunday, September 18, 2011 by

No Freedom for Palestine, Thunders Washington

by Eric Margolis

Could we see a great leap forward next week on the Palestinian’s long quest for statehood? Not quite. The Palestinian Authority (PA) says it will ask the United Nations General Assembly to upgrade from being a non-voting “observer entity” to an “observer state.” This bureaucratic-sounding change hardly seems earthshaking. The Vatican is an “observer state.”

But the earth is shaking. A majority of the world’s nations are fed up by the endless suffering of the stateless Palestinians and support creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza.

Turkey’s increasingly influential premier, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, went to Cairo last week and spoke for the world: “Let’s raise the Palestinian flag and let that flag be the symbol of peace and justice in the Middle East.”

The United States is desperately scrambling to head off a favorable vote in the UN. Washington threatens to veto any pro-Palestine vote in the Security Council – that alone can grant statehood status to a new state. The US is exerting huge pressure on allies and dependant states to vote against any resolution in the General Assembly.

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Phi Beta Iota:  US “policy” on Israel (can do no wrong) and Palestine (let them eat dirt) is the single most compelling example of corrupt ideological idiocy, treason against the public interest both at home and abroad.  We all want Israel to be safe and prosperous–most us, the rabid and the corrupt not-withstanding–also want Palestine to be safe and prosperous, a contiguous state free from Israeli genocide and other atrocities.  As Chuck Spinney has noted in the past, the Middle East is a nuanced complex problem that demands intelligence and integrity applied in a holistic manner–the Israelis for example, are single-handedly stealing most of the water from the Arab aquifers for an agricultural “miracle” that produces 4%, at best, of the Israeli GDP.  This is nuts.  In Washington, “nuts” is policy.

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