Robert Steele: Why the Elite Don’t Want Troops Home

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Two posts by others:

Owl: Financial Terrorism in USA Against USA by Wall Street and 400 Specifically Named Most Wealthy

and then a day later:

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have taken on a life of their own and inspired more emails to me personally than I have ever experienced over anything at Phi Beta Iota.

One of the most interesting of those emails referred to the perfect storm–Israel about to attack Iran, Iran having covertly implanted suitcase bombs (e.g. exploding apartments) in Tel Aviv, all on top of a meltdown of both the global economy, and state and local economies in the USA.  The super-rich (the top 400) probably feel immunized if not oblivious from all of this, but the lesser rich (3 million millionaires in the US,  over 10 million on the planet) are now officially terrified.

This leads me to speculate that one of the reasons the New York elite are working so very hard to keep the troops overseas is their fear that returning US troops will quickly see what has happened (most of them from the pathos of unemployment) and this could spark a nation-wide conflagration in which fragging of the rich becomes a national sport.

There is only one clean path forward that I can see.  The super-rich must agree to break the backs of the two-party tyranny, and support a coalition presidency campaigning on three core promises: electoral reform, coalition governance, and an end to corruption in Congress and the Executive.  In return, no confiscation of ill-gotten gains, a new Automated Payments Transaction Tax (APT) eliminates all personal and corporate income taxes, and a Truth & Reconciliation Comission focused on restoring the integrity of the Republic in all its forms.

The government does need to be cut in half, beginning with the dismissal of all those drawing retirement pay and a second full salary.  In principle, every  person now unemployed, and every person to be dismissed from the government, should receive one year's severance pay combined with free training for a new information-era or restored manufacturing, infrastructure, or education position.

This is not rocket science.  All it requires is integrity.

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Semper Fidelis,
Robert Steele

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