John Robb: A Capitalism Reformation?

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John Robb

JOURNAL: A Capitalist Reformation?

Here is some thinking that you might find interesting.  Remember, history rhymes but doesn't repeat.

Here's a simplification of the historical pattern of Reformation.  Think of it in terms of the global Capitalist system:

  • Universal system.
  • Compliance and participation enforced by violence.
  • Bureaucratic and lethargic.  Corrupt and unfair.  Hardship and misery.
  • Loss of legitimacy.
  • Challenged by reformers.  Corruption exposed.
  • New technology unleashes a cacophony of criticism.
  • Reforms are rejected by the existing bureaucracy.
  • New, competitive systems are launched.
  • An exodus begins.  People leave the old system to join the new.
  • The old system fights back.  It reforms itself.
  • A fight ensues between the old and the new.
  • Eventually a peace is achieved and a new era begins.

Note that a Reformation doesn't mean complete rejection of the current system.  It means a rejection of the existing implementation/hierarchy/rules due to corruption, failure, and injustice.

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