Jon Lebkowsky: ABC Allows Truth for a Few Minutes

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Jon Lebkowsky

DailyKos blogger Jesse LaGreca was eloquent and focused on ABC’s This Week this morning. I want to post the conversation about #OccupyWallStreet featuring Jesse, and come back a little later with my own thoughts. To the question, “What is your plan? Are you going to harness this into a political movement?” – a question that keeps coming up, and misses how this movement is different, Jesse responded that OWS is really about “pushing the narrative that working people can no longer be ignored.” They’re not trying to be the politicians – the more important thing is for politicians to come out and listen to the people at OWS.

General Assembly is the New Town Hall, Cannot be Co-opted

Jesse La Greca on THIS WEEK! Updated – full transcript!

Phi Beta Iota:  Neither the two political parties nor the corporate media get it yet.  While Jesse did a fine job, he failed to drive home the key point.  This is about dumping the corrupt electoral system and restoring integrity to the Republic beginning with Electoral Reform.

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