Marcus Aurelius: North Korea Murder Plot and South Korea Counterintelligence MUCH Cooler (and More Credible) than Iran-US Goat-Fest

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Marcus Aurelius

James Bond-style weapons found on North Korean assassin

Weapons straight out of a James Bond film have been put on display in Seoul after authorities found them on a North Korean assassin.


The weapons include an innocent-looking black torch, complete with a wrist strap and the word “Police” along one side, that is actually a gun capable of firing a bullet.

Prosecutors in the South Korean capital say the weapon had a range of around 30 feet and was loaded with a bullet that was coated in a poisonous chemical. A mere 10 milligrams of the poison is sufficient to cause breathing problems or heart failure, they said.

In a televised demonstration of the gun, a bullet fired from the torch penetrated deep into a mattress from a distance of 16 feet.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The contrast to the Iran plot farce in the USA could not be sharper, especially when the bloated insane US budget of pasty-faced white guys engaged on “domestic security” is taken into account.

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