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Patrick Meier

Microtasking Advocacy and Humanitarian Response in Somalia

I’ve been working on bridging the gap between the technology innovation sector and the humanitarian & human rights communities for years now. One area that holds great promise is the use of microtasking for advocacy and humanitarian response. So I’d like to share two projects I’m spearheading with the support of several key colleagues. I hope these pilot projects will further demonstrate the value of mainstreaming microtasking. Both initiatives are focused on Somalia.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This scholar-practitioner is doing today what we wanted CIA to start doing in 1992 with the Open Source Intelligence Center that was killed when CIA accepted the MITRE lies about the Open Source Information System (OSIS) — all six sources — being “the answer.”  Security idiocy and information technology idiocy continue to repress to the point of extinction any intellectual integrity that might rear its ugly head in the US secret world.  From 1992 to date:  just under 20 years of fraud, waste, and abuse across the modern Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) domain.

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