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This is a very fine search made by five people, and warrants creation of a new post.  Today the US Government took pleasure in announcing the murder of the child of the US citizen they murdered the other day, without due process, in violation of the Constitution, using a remotely controlled drone, the same device used to kill the child.

At its highest level, citizen counterintelligence is about knowing everything possible about the government at every level from police precinct to global, and about corporations from the local store to the global headquarters.

The focus is on getting at the truth–validating who is who, what is what, and who can be trusted.

Counterintelligence consists of two parts:

Defensive counterintelligence.  This is basic internal security inclusive of personnel validation, secure or offline communications, avoidance of bugs planted (e.g. either find them or jam them), identification of all observation points (getting hard to do now with all the webcams broadcasting to remote receivers), or ensuring no overhead line of sight to sensitive planning documents, and so on.

In Zuccotti Park (Liberty Plaza) for example, there are at least five undercover officers (three men, two women), an informed speculation based on a recent pass through the area by a former clandestine service case officer who talked to one of the male undercovers who was overplaying a part he could not handle.

Offensive counterintelligence.  This is easier to do than most realize.  It includes capturing the police and selected government office telephone systems (NYC is home to the greatest phone hackers on the planet) and assigning people to monitor selected voice and data circuits once captures.  It includes identifying and then recruiting sympathizers working in selected offices and providing them with secure or obscure means of communicating essential information while protecting both the fact of their existence and what they communicate.  It includes wide advertising of a means of volunteering information helpful to the Movement, ensuring that all individuals that work within–or are related to or know people who work within–opposing offices know how to get in touch if they want to volunteer recurring services or one-time information drops.

At a strategic level, citizen counterintelligence leverages citizen intelligence  to counter hostile information operations campaigns and to mount defensive operations campaigns.  In relations to NYC, now is the time to identify every former CIA person working for or with the NYPD–where they work, where they live, their schedule.  Now is also the time to identify all of the choke points–and there are many–through which flash mobs can bring the city to a grinding halt, with a particular focus on the Wall Street heliport–closing that wreaks havoc with the daily commute by helicopter from the Hamptons as well as convenient international and national travel by the most senior Wall Street executives.

Citizen intelligence must be understood as decision support, including decision support for public education campaigns.  Now is the time to get serious about the lack of integrity across all Wall Street firms and across all corporate media.  The Wall Street Journal, for example, is now being discovered to have bought 41% of its own circulation to fabricate its advertising reach (this may only be in Europe but is probably global).  That is fraud.  Now is the time to get into the pants of every corporation at a “true cost” level of detail, using only legal and ethical methods (we count non-destructive hacking as legal and ethical in light of what the Patriot Act has made legal but not ethical for the US Government), so as to a) inform the public and begin bringing down individual banks and corporations; and b) begin harnessing the considerable legal power available to the public pro bono, and systematically filing suit against every single act of fraud that can be discovered across each sector.

Robert Steele is available to help #OWS pro bono as needed in this area.

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