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Eyebrow Toupee

To Ron Paul 2012: Admit the Fake Eyebrows And We Can Make Peace

David Magee

International Business Times, 14 October 2011

If Ron Paul 2012 and friends can make peace with me on the fake eyebrow issue, we can move along and be friends even. Like Jon Stewart and Ron Paul, and like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — we don't have to love one another, but we can be friendly.

So here's the dilemma, in case you missed it: I was watching the GOP presidential debate from Dartmouth early this week, brought to us by Bloomberg TV and The Washington Post. Early in the debate I noticed along with many others that Ron Paul's eyebrow seemed to be falling off. In fact, it looked to me to be a fake eyebrow that was falling off — an eyebrow toupee, if you will.

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