Tom Atlee: #OWS Emerging Patterns & Suggestions

Tom Atlee

#Occupy Together – emerging patterns and suggestions

I'm beginning to sense a progression of developments that may productively unfold in, through, and because of the Occupy Together movement. It is still somewhat vague, but something like it is definitely in the works. All of it is happening both as a sequence and simultaneously.

1. Share stories, creations, and demonstrations of frustration and outrage that
.    a. speak to and rouse an increasing majority of ordinary people
.    b. challenge the institutional sources of that frustration
.   – and while we do it, create occupation communities that reflect our values
.   and experiment with new, better ways of being together.
2. Encourage, stimulate, provoke, catalyze and convene expanding conversations
.   about (1) and every subsequent step, in every sector, nook, and mind in society.
3. Consciously reach out to more and more people unlike ourselves –
.   the rest of the 99% – creatively, powerfully, and lovingly expanding toward 100%
.   inclusivity. Welcome people into a new world of possibility.
4. Learn about and explore dreams and alternatives – about new economics, politics,
.   governance, education, health care, community, and all the rest…  Gain real
.   certainty that “another world is possible.”
5. Develop and articulate a powerful shared vision of the society we want.
6. In place of demands, clarify two things and organize to make them happen:
.    a. What millions of ordinary people can do to further the vision.
.    b. What governments and institutions must do, not only to further the vision,
.        but to continue functioning at all, in the face
.        of the rising forces for justice, sustainability, meaning and joy.
7. And while we do all this, share, learn from experience, and use all forms
.   of diversity, skill, passion, technology and struggle creatively.

Below are some of the ideas and images that make me feel something like this is beginning to unfold. I find all of them important, both in themselves and as signs of the larger societal motion (“movement”), the larger awakening that seems to be happening here.

See various links and full texts including “Bringing the Salt March [Gandhi in India] to Wall Street.”

Oh, and don't miss the video “Marine Defends Occupy Wall Street” that's included below. I can't help wondering what its many impacts will be.


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