Event: 8-10 June NYC Strategies for a New Economy

03 Economy, Academia, Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Ethics
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Upcoming Event:

June 8-10, 2012
Conference:  Strategies for a New Economy
Bard College, on the Hudson River, New York
Registration open in January of 2012
Themes for Conference Tracks
Each Track will have seven associated workshops
1.  Modeling the New Economy: Shared Prosperity within Planetary Limits
2.  Measuring Well Being: Alternative Indicators of Wealth and Progress
3.  Banking and Financing a New Economy: Scale, Criteria, Innovation
4.  Re-building Local Economies:  Engines for Resilience
5.  Re-imagining Ownership: Coops, Stakeholders, Corporate Structure
6. Transforming Money: Structuring, Issuing, and Valuing New Mediums of Exchange
7.  Sharing the Commons: Identifying, Allocating, and Restoring
8.  Messaging a New Economy: Education, Media, Public Campaigns
9.  Forging Justice for All: Economic Security, Equity, and Jobs in the New Economy
10. Empowered Youth: Mandating a New Economy
11. Responsive Government for a New Economy: Politics as if People and Planet Mattered
 12. Moving Beyond Consumerism: Plenitude, Sufficiency, and Mindful Consumption

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