John Robb: Occupy as a Global Contagion for Good

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John Robb

OCCUPY NOTE 11/17/11 Contagion #ows

Occupy is an open source protest.  That means it doesn't have a specific message.  It is a container for may groups/motivations/passions held together by simplest of ideas: it is possible to permanently occupy of places of power.  Anyone that tells you it needs to have a specific policy agenda is a) not an expert and b) still living in the 20th Century.

The Occupy approach, a permanent 24x7x365 geographically ubiquitous protest movement, may be about to zoom.  Reinforcements are coming.

From where?  Europe.  However, this reinforcement isn't in the form of bodies on the street or money.  It's VALIDATION (that the global financial/economic/governmental system, as it works today, is a deadly threat to our future) in the form of global financial contagion.  

More:  Financial contagion is zooming in Europe over fears that political solutions won't delay or resolve the potential bankruptcy of many of the EUs sovereigns and big banks.  This contagion has the potential to create a financial panic that puts leveraged/insolvent US banks into jeopardy (again).

Another global financial crisis, potentially even bigger than the last one, could turn Occupy into a global force strong enough to prevent bailouts of insolvent banks, forcing them out of business.  You can build lots of interesting scenarios from this starting point.

Contagion: a disease, an infectious agent.  This is a word from biology that is used to describe how panic, fear, uncertainty, and doubt spreads in a financial market.  Of course, the word contagion works very nicely with my recent article about our global economic system's pathogens (highly leveraged, usually very wealthy, powerful people that actively damage the entire global system in order to advance their own selfish goals).

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