Marcus Aurelius: Mexico City “C4I4” Surveillance Center

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Marcus Aurelius

Mexico City Opens “C4I4″ Public-Surveillance Intelligence Center

There are 13,000 surveillance cameras dispersed across this megalopolis, capturing everything in view, in real time and around the clock.

The cameras peek at streets and people from the tops of light poles, inside buses and over subway platforms, watching in the name of public safety.

The local government, headed by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, this week unveiled an intelligence center where all these video feeds are monitored. It is a state-of-the-art “integrated” hub with a name that sounds like a futuristic space vessel: the C4I4.

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Speaking inside the building’s circular nerve center — where 600 video screens carried scenes of residential streets and choked intersections — Ebrard told reporters that the C4I4 is one of the largest and most advanced public-safety command centers in the world.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Only  the Mexicans could out-do the US Air Force in Gorgon Stare foolishness.  This is a classic example of doing the wrong thing righter.  While C4I4 is clever (command, control, communications computing, intelligence, integration, information, invetigation) is also industrial-era thinking.  M4IS2 and the eight tribes, open source everything, are the new new thing, and since Western governments are not going to give up their delusion that they are governing, they will be the last to enjoy the benefits of hybrid governance that routes around governments and harmonizes outcomes on the basis of shared information.

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