Reality Sandwich: Three Consciousness Cattle Prods

Cultural Intelligence
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American Materialism: The Elephant in the Middle of the Room

Our money issues are merely symptomatic. At issue is our collective karma about right use of power, which gets expressed through the way we use our resources.

Material wealth is not the origin of our power as a nation. But we think it is. That is the problem.

The Unsung Intelligence of Life’s Web

The recent passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs elicited a host of public tributes attesting to his genius and highlighted how much we revere our gadgets and our smart communications technology. But it got me thinking about how we appraise our own engineering acumen in comparison with the engineering acumen of Nature.

Global Revolution Underway

Saturday’s global rally in over 600 towns and cities worldwide was a momentous event. A month ago, the Occupy Wall Street movement managed to pierce the veil of the matrix. The puncture has now become an unsealable rip in the fabric of Empire. Gas is escaping rapidly from the balloon.

We are seeing the inception of a global insurrection that will not end until the dominant system is overthrown and replaced through a planetary metamorphosis.

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The technical genius of humanity needs to be redirected from creating state-of-the-art video games and stock trading programs to strengthening natural resilience, building self-sufficient local communities that grow their own food, and launching social technologies that support collaborative decision-making and nonviolent communication.

Phi Beta Iota:  All three of these contributions are remarkable and merit a full reading.

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