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Red Raven

Occupy The Library

By Red Raven

America’s majority who supported the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS), within the 99% of all Americans, are being smeared by agent propagandists within the punditry of mainstream media (MSM).

For example, Michael Gerson’s black demagoguery, of the closet-right-wing Washington Post, is a good example. In one of his recent columns he declared the OWS movement seems little more than a “…confused set of grievances…” and paints the movement to have little ideological coherence save Marxist socialism and anarchy—referring to a “Paris Commune” in Oakland constructing barricades, setting fires, throwing concrete blocks and explosives. He also says city governments now begin to “…look hapless for their accommodation of squalor, robberies, sexual attacks, drug use, vagrancy, and vigilantism.”

Equally he attempts to blame the Democratic Party (that he claims is their “desperate” political calculation) for this phenomenon of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

Yet in actuality this movement has exploded precisely because the Democratic Party has been, more or less, in lock step, (save quibbles here and there), with the equally corrupt Republican Party—that is by protecting and serving powerful interest groups and especially those on Wall Street.

Nevertheless Gerson’s smear campaign is a better than average (after all he writes for the Washington Post). Or at least he is some part of a step up from the socio-pathic, “satanic,” and ghoulish Ann Coulter with her anemic and bare-shouldered Halloween persona as frigid Nordic Hel of Scandinavian myth).

Nevertheless Gerson whines: “News coverage of the movement has been both disproportionate and fawning…” claiming Occupy DC encampments has less people that a small, retail convention at a nearby hotel for the American Apparel and Footwear Association. But what is he really implies with such a statement is these aftermath encampments are the “core” of persons who represent the movement and represent its core persona and values (in which he also exposes “…reports of sexual assault in Zuccotti Park and the penchant for public urination”. (Obviously there is little fawning in his opinion of the OWS movement that he derides now as laughable).

Assume the movement really represented 51% of Americans rather than 99%. This would still be many millions of people more than any convention could contain—far larger than those of the democratic or republican parties (let alone their staged events).

So apparently this movement really is a threat or why would he use so much effort to maim it? In his first paragraph he quips “…At what point is utopianism discredited by the seedy, dangerous, derelict fun fair it creates?”

Yes clean-cut, high-healed, defamation artists of the mainstream media, want the homeless to go back to their off-off-Broadway niches—that is back into the hinter alleys of society and continue to be not just homeless but powerless and voiceless. Supposedly then we wouldn’t bother to talk about the fact most cities don’t bother to provide enough bathroom facilities for the homeless (as perhaps we can then tolerate their public urination and other seedy features?).

However, you really need to compare Gerson’s previous opinion column via his “selected” economist opinions, which he manages to argue that both the rich and the middle class have higher incomes, and that inequality can be justified in a fluid society, etc. One could argue that Gerson is just playing what the media focuses on and that since they focus on police and anarchists then he is merely doing his job. But this really is a perfect example of a mainstream media pundit doing his weasel-best to basically arguing against tax cuts for the wealthy. And despite this is merely one example of this kind of sliming the entire movement still who acting low-life and being the judgmental ideologue?

Fascist intellectuals of Washington Post punditry, which includes the likes of one crap-hammer hammering home his crap to wherever it might stick, believe the major social problem of OWS is that some of the homeless have come out of their passivity (a very small percentage to be sure) to try to be part of a democratic process of protesting, via civil disobedience, that they too are “not” represented by this government nor served by vast corporate corruption. Heaven forbid!

But then again opinion pages have little to do with fact and much more to do with fabrication and concocting impressions. Far too often such bloviaters are about bullshitting their readers—that is engaging in various forms of demagoguery, such as manipulating prejudice, to their readers they think dumber then they themselves (as they obviously presume themselves not to be too dumb). Yet, to one’s surprise, other newspapers still carry such syndicated daily diatribe diarrhea and equally presume the stuff still passes the smell test.)

And what better way of using this kind of impression management then by smearing the Democratic Party for this OWD as a “…dangerous, derelict, fun fair…” and fomenting about “anarchist” clashes with police departments (as much of “regular” news coverage has equally focused on such clashes). Although some news writers and columnist have given a more balanced and supportive account of this movement you need to remember the MSM ignored the movement until it occupied the Brooklyn Bridge. Editors didn’t even want to cover it and so it natural that they would focus on alienated elements such as spirited youth, homeless campers and anarchists.

But another rather obvious indication the Democratic Party did not come up with the OWS movement is the fact that it is true socialists have been passing out anti-capitalist literature. This was equally true over the last years, such as during demonstrations against invasion of Iraq back in 2002 and 2003. There were few democratic groups directly involved in organizing such protests and the Democratic Party distanced itself from the protests.

Yes unions were quick to be involved with OWS and have strong loyalty to the Democratic Party. They bring in numbers of protesters. Their ox is being gored. And, yes, poor, minority and disadvantaged have traditionally sided with democrats, but this combustion of a movement has to do with these peoples’ frustration with the Dems in power as “not” working for The People.

Nevertheless there are those party leaders and affiliate groups now trying to “coral” this movement back “into” the traditional Democratic Party fold, as far as votes go, to make it seem side kind of equivalent to the Tea Party, which became “occupied” by some Republican Party presidential candidates claiming to speak to the broad concerns of those people. Yet if either of these movements has any brains they’d realize “both” parties need to be dumped—as too corrupt and toxic to either trust or deal with.

Still the kibbutz game-plan of radical democracy with everyone supposedly having an equal voice, and no supposed leadership, at general assemblies, against a backdrop of anarchistic insurrection (likely agent provocateurs), does seem amateurish and almost insincere (even if many would typically expect some young people to be naïve and idealistic). MSM paints pictures, by the likes of Hannity and Gerson, who “project” this movement as full of “anarchists” defiers of order and law—and therefore one is to conclude the OWS movement does “not” represent any kind of mass movement of citizens.

Most Americans still believe in a “regulated” capitalism that includes some socialist programs—not either the extreme of socialist utopianism or law-less anarchy. Besides how could anarchism (recognizing no authority or values save the self’s priorities) collaborate with the idea of utopian democracy of peaceful assembly? They do not reconcile—they are different personality structures.

And yet one way or another some kinds of anarchistic personality types have infiltrated some of these movements (no doubt some as the result of “covert” operations deliberately meant to create opportunity for negative press) but equally by some personalities who have anti-authority issues, drug issues, personality disorders, etc. (again a small minority that the MSM now can focus on as primarily a homeless and dregs-of-society problem camping in non-designated spaces).

Still what is disturbing about this Washington Post attack dog smear campaign is that it is exactly some within the 1% of the wealthiest and within the government new-media-complex who have acted the most anarchistic—that is who recognized no laws or rules while, committing enormous crimes, or stealing taxpayer money. Maybe banksters don’t urinate in public (unless you think some of their angst as waste product) but they do much worst. In fact some within their ranks are the more parasitic ones. Still plenty of their media minions toady to them as the claim to speak for the nation’s sanity.

There is more than ample opportunity for a vast majority of republican and democratic voters to be highly upset with the status quo in Washington D.C., Wall Street and the MSM—that is if the majority of citizens were well-informed of just how corrupt this culture really has become. So there is a “need” for more education on the part of citizen to become self-resourceful, as to “articulate” why this movement has evolved.

And for example, what better way to do this then by “airing” live, and quite loudly, audio books like Josph Stiglitz’s “Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy” (11 CDs masterfully read by Dick Hill). If there was ever a book that defined the OWS movement it is this book. (And what a great educational work for the American people to learn about economics in real life—rather than just staid theory.) Freefall is very well-written and highly understandable (even as it goes into much economic detail such as failed and corrupt White House policy).

This book is a “real” ear opener. It does not pull any punches as it is critical of both democratic and republican leadership. It is a must read as very worthy for anyone who really cares to understand. (The audio version is a must because it is so well read and user-friendly to people who normally don’t read.)

Reading much, and reading well, is one of our culture’s problems. We don’t have enough sophisticated readers doing good analysis. And when good analyses exists not enough people read them to make much of a difference. And therefore we, as a culture, can be duped, such as being fed “pseudo” questions and answers as to how to deal with America’s problems.

And the fact is that a lot of politicians do not understand all the complications of economics—which is why this audio book is so fabulous—it is perfect for this kind of occupy movement and it demonstrates a “higher” level of awareness about what this movement could be projected to be about. (After all how much technology does it take to amplify a boom box playing CDs?)

All kinds of people who are affected by this movement in one way or another—bankers, media people (thank goodness for independent and alternative journalism), politicians, police, and of course protesters and activists, as well as the curious and side-sitters, etc. All of them ought become familiar with Stiglitz’s “very” important and detailed book. I could almost guarantee that if police officers on duty listened to it as this book blasted from speakers, while they stood around on patrol, they “too” would realize that if anything—such a protest is under-represented and should be larger. (Even people in the Justice Department would be doing more white-collar crime investigation.)

(But you don’t just want to play 11 CDs back to back. There is such a thing as mental fatigue that requires a break from time to time. Nevertheless there is whole bunch of “worthy” books to listen to, and be educated by, while being in any occupation. James Wolcott’s “Attack Poodles: and Other Media Mutants” is another example of a highly worthy and interesting book (very witty and insightful—as a masterpiece equally read with perfection by a truly great reader—very excellent and worthy—and good to blast at mainstream media (and by the way where is the paparazzi?)).

Then of course there are books by Kevin Phillips (“Bad Money” “American Theocracy” etc.) and other worthies such as Adrianna Huffington’s “The Pigs At the Trough” as such a list of possibilities is long. (Not to mention radio interviews from the Internet such as Scott Horton doing radio at—his interviews are with people who really are in the know and spreading reality-based awareness as opposed to propaganda).

Such ideas need to be articulated at the street level and in coffee shops and all around colleges and at various protests. Audio books are the way to go in a society that does not like to read much in the way of complicated things. SUPPORT YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY BY USING SOURCES AVAILABLE THERE NOW !!! (While such libraries still exist as more than homeless shelters—even as they are forced to cut hours and service as to also increase the likeliness of public urination).

Show those bastards that you are not a bunch of naïve idealists and lawless anarchists playing some romantic role of Rebel Without a Cause. Don’t just follow ancestral footsteps—walk your own path. If this movement gets side-kicked as a bunch of naïve kids with un-civic attitudes then the Democratic Party gets to maintain its hold on its majority—and nothing truly gets changed. Teach them truth by having intelligent readings speak to power. Bring in more light than what MSM punditry offers.

And America needs more “readers” performing “oral” renditions of quality writing in coffee shops and public platforms. Why is there no audio version of, say, the Nation Magazine (selected articles)? If UC Berkeley is so endowed with intellectual fervor it ought have a few good readers at a microphone. Why can we not get more of those well-crafted arguments already in print spoken as the “art” of oral interpretation that it is (especially in this society that requires more of learning curve)?

The Democratic Party is not coming to save the poor people. They get their funding elsewhere. They don’t especially care if some cannot afford college or cannot pay their student loans (don’t bother to read their lip service—Obama and his administration has proven that it does not mean anything).

You must become “smarter” than the current status quo of mediocre professionals that have helped corrupt this culture. You need to become the next generation of lawyers, economists, journalists, business people, etc. Just being upset and resentful isn’t going to make it. Just sucking up simplistic clichés about capitalism versus socialism isn’t going to make it. Simplistic sound bites might work for Tea Party cowboys but it cannot work as viability in this complicated culture.

If you listened to the latest Republican Presidential Debate you can realize how much trouble this country is in. Here candidates argue from naïve perspectives, with their levels of deceit and expectation of being able to manipulate the public. If more people understood Stiglitz’s Freefall (including Tea Party people) we would not see as much of their debate on false foreign policy presumptions deliberately “sold” to the American people as MSM questions to candidates.

Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapons program—even if the latest IAEA Report is being misrepresented it is another con-game of deceit being dished out to the American sheeple. Read, for example, “Iran: Five Minutes to Zero Hour Tehran in the crosshairs” by Justin Raimondo, November 09, 2011. Read also: “Using Fake Intelligence to Justify War on Iran” by Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research, November 9, 2011.

It was the mainstream media that willingly brought the elite’s deceit to the American people when we were being told about Saddam Hussein. Now these same people are bringing a similar set of false intelligence to us about Iran. This is why we need to reject the mainstream media and find those websites that tell us more truth.

If we were to see the “burning” of newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post in the public square (not the American flag) it would basically be a symbolic message that we cannot trust these sources anymore—that they are part of the problem. Consider questions and answers about torture at this last Republican debate and you quickly realize some of these candidates don’t have a clue how extensive it was or innocent many of the Gulag Gitmo detainees were.

Nevertheless any change starts with quality education—and why not use resources available in your local library. There is a difference between getting an education and being chained to student loans. (And if college administrations do not want to support students than stop attending those colleges—stop sending them revenues.)

The tyrant Socrates (and he was more or less a tyrant) still revealed something very profound about civilization. His insightful theory about blind masses of people who live in a cave and watch projected falsehoods being played on the cave walls—as if Kabuki theatre from a fire’s shadows—claimed that if one were to leave the cave and see the real light and come back and tell the blind they might not take it well. Socrates, according to Plato, argued a republican form of government should be represented by society’s “best” people (aristocracy). He was against that the idea that the average Joe was qualified or inclined to make decision on complex issues (and yet ancient Greece did not have much in the way of public libraries and public education back then, and most philosophers were privately paid to teach kids of the wealthy).

Whereas the MSM, our current governments, both local and national, and many corporate leaders do “not” represent the best of anything—except a corrupt and corroding plutocracy—and this status quo gets more putrid and disgusting by the day—even as “… seedy, dangerous, derelicts have a fun-fair”.

Surely there are some misguided, so-called miscreants, who act as Marxists or anarchists in the street. But how do you think NeoCon-Artists like William Kristol, David Horowitz and their ilk started their youthful careers? Funny how some rabid left-wingers so easily switch over to become rabid right-wingers. Apparently some people just need to escape their ding-bat personalities and join some seemingly promising program of whatever flavor revolution of the month. But society needs more grounded people.

Therefore bring the Library to The People.

Occupy. Occupy. Occupy as you regroup to see the long-term project that this change is to become.

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