Robert Steele: Electoral Reform Summit

Robert David STEELE Vivas

Today I had an opportunity to communicate directly with the leadership of all of the parties in the USA that are excluded from the political process by the duopoly that fronts for Wall Street and the various “complexes” that pick the taxpayers' pocket for financial gain.

I not only learned a great deal about the diversity that is being shut out by our corrupt political system, I was gratified–even astonished–at the reception that the All Americans Election Integrity Act of 2012 received, with immediate call-backs and emails.

We are now talking about an Election Integrity Summit during the holiday season (December), with the intent of agreeing to have all political parties less the duopoly join Occupy Wall Streeters in a nation-wide reading of the Statement of Demand on 5 January 2012, calling for the passage of the All Americans Election Integrity Act of 2012 no latter than 15 February 2012–in time for the Phase 1 initiatives to be enacted for November 2012.

Open Ballot Access is the “dual track” element that must be pursued at the state level as well as the federal level–I have confidence a sufficiency of Republican and Democratic incumbents who desire to keep their sinecures can be persuaded to cross over to the righteous side of this divide between a corrupt two-party system that works for the 1%, and all the rest of us placing principles above party.

The summit will not be limited to organized political parties nor will be it be a single physical meeting!  One of the most extraordinary outcomes of the NYC electoral reform video going viral has been the emergence and consequent unification of various blocks that have been struggling to advance election integrity principles, Approval Voting, Proportional Representation, 18 year old voting, Hand-Counted Paper Ballots, and more.  As I anticipated, the All Americans Election Integrity Act of 2012 is the “one thing” that appeals to everyone except the corrupt and ideological extremes on left and right.  80% of us can get this done.

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