Tom Atlee: #Occupy Listening and Process: Mic Check!

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Tom Atlee

#Occupy Listening and Process: Mic Check!

Some people have asked why I am focusing on the Occupy movement. There are so many aspects of transformationally relevant co-intelligencebeing explored in and evoked by this movement, whether or not we are politically involved in or motivated by it. This post is a prime example. It is all about LISTENING and its exploration in and around the Occupy movement. 
One of the most remarkable things about the Occupy movement is that it pays at least as much attention to listening as to speaking out or pushing a particular point of view. True listening – including letting people know they are truly heard – is a rare phenomenon in mainstream society. However, it is fundamental to the kind of transformation the world urgently needs.

In this mailing you will find detailed reflections on processes used by the Occupy movement, including thoughts from some of my favorite process colleagues like consensus practitioner Tree Bressen, Dynamic Facilitation practitioner Rosa Zubizarreta, and Nonviolent Communication practitioner Miki Kashtan. These reflections are but the tip of the iceberg: I see thoughtful discussions about group process spread widely throughout the movement – signs of tremendous grassroots creativity, learning, and evolution in a domain usually confined to process professionals and corporate managers and consultants.

You will also find in this post…

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