David Brin: Three-Quarters Climate Change Man-Made

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David Brin

Three-Quarters of Climate Change Is Man-Made

An independent study quantifies the human and natural contributions, with solar radiation contributing only minimally

Quinn Schiermeier and Nature Magazine

Scientific American, 5 december 2011

Natural climate variability is extremely unlikely to have contributed more than about one-quarter of the temperature rise observed in the past 60 years, reports a pair of Swiss climate modelers in a paper published online December 4. Most of the observed warming—at least 74 percent—is almost certainly due to human activity, they write in Nature Geoscience.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Yes BUT!  First off, Environmental Degradation, high-level threat number three, includes Climate Change, which is less than 10% of Environmental Degradation (and within Climate Change, carbon is vastly less important than mercury or sulpher).  Secondly, the real looming catastrophes are man-made increases in the frequency and severity of weather.  We have destroyed the earth’s natural feedback loops and self-correcting mechanisms.

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