Eagle: Celente in top form— MF Global, banksters, predictions

300 Million Talons...

Here's a link to Celente in top form— MF Global, banksters, and predictions (not so improbable) including European bank holiday, and (my dread) war on Iran.

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In this edition of the show Max interviews Gerald Celente from trendsjournal.com.

Gerald Celente is a trends forecaster who was recently defrauded by MF Global run by former New Jersey governor, Jon Corzine, who was also former head of Goldman Sachs.

When MF Global collapsed, client cash was taken and apparently transferred to creditors, like JP Morgan.

This commingling of funds has violated the very foundation of the futures market and we talk to Celente about whether he will ever invest money with a brokerage again?

VIDEO (23:00) MF Global bankruptcy

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