Eagle: Rejecting the Two Parties for Open Source Citizen Power

300 Million Talons...

Perhaps restoring the American faith in the election process via “none of the above” platform, showing people they still have control over the system would be a stronger approach to reforms.

Why is there no option for people to say “I don’t really like any of the candidates presented to me” ? There is a stat for how many people abstained from voting in total, one for how many failed votes, one for how many woman vs. men, there is a sat for the winner and a stat for the losing margin, but why don’t people get to say “we don”t like what is going on here” in the polls?
The honesty of telling the people not to vote for any of the jokers in the running; well, that would go a long way in gaining the numbers of supporters you need; showing that you are more interested in the voice of the crowd and not interested in promoting the tainted platform of an individual-centric culture in the current broken system.
Should the president have a KPI for citizen engagement? or a country wide survey of its citizens; asking “if  given a say on how likely they are to be patriotic or the likelihoods of recommending their country as a preferred place of residence to a member of a foreign country”.
America was once made the greatest country on earth by word of mouth, community, freedoms given, from a people proud. People now have more friends and social media than ever. They can talk to hundreds of people at a time, but how many know the names of more than 2 neighbours. how many would recommend thier town/shire, how many can say they are free, with a police state looming overhead due to weak restraints on terrorist fear-monger lawmaking.  In my opinion: open source citizen power puts the seat of power back where it should have always stayed.

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