Information Operations Newsletter Vol. 11 No. 10

IO Newsletter
IO Newsletter Vol 12 No 02

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Articles in this issue are:

1.      The First Rule of Twitter Fight Club: Everyone Re-tweets Twitter Fight Club
2.      Stuxnet Raises ‘Blowback' Risk in Cyberwar
3.      Assassination Backlash
4.      China's Cyber-Warfare Capabilities Are ‘Fairly Rudimentary'
5.      No Other Nation Has Anything Like It
6.      Feds Cite Chinese Cyber Army Capability
7.      China scorns U.S. cyber espionage charges
8.      Fighting in the Fifth Dimension
9.      NATO Turns To Radio to Try and Get Its Own Message to Afghan People
10.     DRDO Developing a Futuristic E-Bomb
11.     CIA following Twitter, Facebook
12.     Speculation Continues Over Hezbollah’s Ability To Disable Israeli Drones
13.     Beijing’s electronic Pearl Harbor
14.     Cyberwar Most Likely to Take Place Among Smaller Powers, Experts Say
15.     Canada puts up $477 million to foil cyber attacks
16.     Turkey Centralizes Efforts for National Cyber Security
17.     Cyber Terror
18.     First Look: Electronic Warfare Missile
19.     U.S. Works to Counter Electronic Spy Risks

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