Irregular Times on Americans Elect Fraud


Americans Elect Candidate Ejection Committee Chaired by FBI, CIA, Military Research Chiefs

Americans Elect Mischaracterizes Bernie Sanders on Priorities and on Same-Sex Marriage

Christine Todd Whitman Goes to Press a 7th Time to Promote Jon Huntsman, Violating Americans Elect Policy

All Prior Headlines with Links Below the Line

Americans Elect Press Secretary: Y’all Haven’t Read the Rules and Bylaws I Can’t Keep Straight

Political Director of Americans Elect: Too Much Democracy is Dangerous (and Forget Your History)

Americans Elect Enacted New Bylaws November 18. What Changed? What Didn’t Change?

Americans Elect introduces new “Priorities” Ranking System… Contradicting its Old System

Having Obtained Predictable Result, Americans Elect Erases Most of its Rating System

Christine Todd Whitman Goes on TV and Promotes Jon Huntsman a Sixth Time, Violating Americans Elect Bylaws

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Americans Elect, Jon Huntsman and No Labels

Americans Elect’s Top National Matches actually Aren’t its Top National Matches: Huntsman?

After Buddy Roemer Announces, who’s listening to whom? Americans Elect Twitter Network, 12-2011

Americans Elect Director Christine Todd Whitman promotes Jon Huntsman, in Direct Violation of Bylaws

Americans Elect Leader: Mitt Romney doesn’t have Big enough Balls

Americans Elect COO Elliot Ackerman Fibs Twice on National Television

Americans Elect Leaders: Bylaws are Set Up to Constrain Democracy, Favor Certain Candidates

On The Issues Shares Americans Elect Candidate Rating Methodology, Grading Obama in Bizarre Fashion

Americans Elect Voting System Still Broken with <5 months to the First Ballot

147 Days to First Americans Elect Ballot: No Delegates, No Candidates, No Auditors

Americans Elect Fact Check on its Rating and Promotion of Republican Buddy Roemer

Americans Elect Holds its First Vote… and it’s Broken

Americans Elect: Crossing Every i, Dotting Every t for the 2012 Election

Americans Elect Form 990 Shows Peter Ackerman in Firm Control from the Start

Breaking News: Americans Elect Leader thinks Americans Elect is a Great Idea

Americans Elect Refuses to File Public Disclosure Form 1024, Keeping its Political Business Private

Open Letter to Americans Elect by William Busa: Poll Match Fails Professional Standards

Americans Elect Director Christine Todd Whitman Praises Candidate Jon Huntsman Again in 4th October Interview

In 3rd Video, AE Director Christine Todd Whitman praises Americans Elect and Jon Huntsman

2nd October 2011 Video Appears in Which Americans Elect Director Praises Jon Huntsman

Christine Todd Whitman, Americans Elect Director, Speaks out for Jon Huntsman for President

Daniel Winslow, Listed in the past as Americans Elect Officer, Supporting Mitt Romney for President now

Who Americans Elect Twitter Followers actually want for President: Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren

How Moderate are Americans Elect’s Select Nine?

Americans Elect Lauds Figure for Criticizing “Selfishness” in Washington DC. Guess Who?

Technical Glitch: Americans Elect Corporation wants to run private presidential nomination without a hitch, needs 2 Extensions to file with the IRS

Americans Elect CTO Joshua Levine writes to Irregular Times, fails to produce Form 1024

Daily Caller: Americans Elect and Buddy Roemer in Joint Attendance Before AE Rolled Out Roemer Promotion

In Violation of Bylaws, Americans Elect Corporation Communicates and Acts in Favor of Certain Presidential Candidates

Americans Elect Question System: A Step Forward, but What’s to be Done with Them?

What Would Form 1024 Tell Us About Americans Elect (if they would let us see it?)

Open Letter to Americans Elect CTO Joshua Levine Formally Requesting IRS Documents (Yet Again)

Americans Elect Misses its First Benchmark on November 6

Americans Elect Leader Eliot Cutler is a No Labels “Thought Leader”

Kahlil Byrd Tells NPR Americans Elect is Not a Political Party when it is a Party. Why?

[Updated with CORRECTION] Kahlil Byrd Announces Mass Wave of Resignations from Americans Elect Leadership

Americans Elect Hiring Actors with Accents to Appear in an Advertisement for $50

New Briefing Book Shows New Means for Americans Elect Meddling with Candidate Selection

Americans Elect Names 10 New Leaders, Drawing Heavily Again from Financial Sector

Guest Post: Americans Elect: The ‘Little Big Man’ of Astroturf?

Americans Elect Orlando and Occupy Orlando: an Updated Comparison between “Grassroots” and Grassroots

Americans Elect Drops November 6 Activation Date from its Briefing Book

Americans Elect wants you to know Americans are not really as Angry with Wall Street as you might Think

Americans Elect Leader Douglas Schoen Uses Dubious Poll to Label Pro-Reform Protest as Dangerous, Out of Touch, Radical, Extremist and even Violent

Americans Elect Pollster takes to Media and Praises Herman Cain, Violating Neutrality Policy in Bylaws

No Labels Ditches “No Ideology,” “No Issues,” Facade to Embrace Pete Peterson Budget Policies

How to use the Americans Elect Rules to Eject the Americans Elect Corporate Board (?)

Confirmed: While Douglas Schoen Adopted Pose of Discovering Americans Elect, he was Working for It

Americans Elect posts Draft Rules and Candidate Handbook

“Getting Involved”: Americans Elect vs. the October 2011 DC Occupation

2nd Mystery Reference to Rules Americans Elect has not Publicly Released

Americans Elect Field Director Fibs about Candidate Censoring Committee on Public Radio

Democracy21 asks IRS to Investigate Americans Elect for Corporate Code Violations

Ron Paul fans and GOPsters Flood Americans Elect Facebook Page

Asked Point Blank, Americans Elect Refuses to Disclose $$$ from Billionaire Peter Ackerman

Americans Elect Picks Core Questions for 2012 without Member Input

Americans Elect Corporation names itself a Grassroots Movement, embraces “Moderate” Ideological Label

Americans Elect Spins Clear Trends on Economy and the Budget into Third Way Centrism

Chairs of Americans Elect Rules Committee: A Coal/Casino GOP Lobbyist and a Lieberman Democrat

Americans Elect keeps saying it’s Not a Party in public, keeps arguing it Is a Party in private

William Busa Organizes Americans Elect Transparency Pledge

Americans Elect names new Leaders in Presidential effort, all Wealth Management Execs

No Labels Conference Call Consensus: Listen to Business Interests and Give Corporations a Tax cut

Americans Elect Leader Daniel Winslow: Our Lack of Transparency is like a Tea Party Revolution

Mark McKinnon Hawks Americans Elect on NBC without Disclosing he is an Official Advisor

95% of Americans Elect Says Make All Campaign Donations Public. Will AE Comply?

Americans Elect Officer Dan Winslow goes on TV and helps Mitt Romney, violating Bylaws

Daniel Winslow: Mitt Romney Aide, Scott Brown Aide, Republican Legislator, Senior Americans Elect Leader

Old Americans Elect Video Openly Promotes Centrist Ideology, Contradicting Current Neutrality Claim

Douglas Schoen & Americans Elect in Media Tango: No Relationship Talk, It’s just a Dance

Unless Americans Elect has changed its Bylaws, Peter Ackerman is out as Chairman

Americans Elect Fibs about not being a Political Party again

What Americans Elect is Not Telling Us

7 Organizations Using No Labels Software that Didn’t Astroturf Letters to the Editor

Fact Check: Does Every Political Group run Plagiarism Campaigns like No Labels Did?

Americans Elect Pledges to Add Some Disclosure by End of August 2011

Between May and July, Americans Elect Restricted Who May Run for President

Under Law, Americans Elect Must Post Notice of All Meetings on its Website. When will it?

Americans Elect makes first communication with Irregular Times: a Takedown Notice

American Elect Lies on Their Own Website

Colbert: How Much Cash You Guys Got? Ackerman: Heh.

Americans Elect CTO Joshua Levine: No Time to Post Information, We’re going on the Colbert Report

Americans Elect out of Compliance with its own Bylaws for 39 Days (re: Web notice)

No Labels Field Director Reveals Plan to Intervene in Maine Senate Primary in 2012

No Labels State Organizations: Small and Inactive

Fred Krogh Preparing Independent Website to discuss Americans Elect

Another Unity08 Old Hand at Americans Elect: Roger Craver

Americans Elect: 1 Employee is Worth 4 Students or 100 Union Members

Substance? Candidates Must answer all Americans Elect Platform of Questions within 90 Seconds

Bernie Sanders on Track to Overtake Americans Elect Favored Buddy Roemer. What Then?

No Special Interest Funding for Americans Elect? New York Times reports “Serious Hedge-Fund Money”

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