Theophilis Goodyear: Two Parties–Hammer & Wrench–Not Working

Theophilis Goodyear

Americans Are Being Told There are Only Two Approaches to Problem-Solving: The Left way or the Right way

In fact, both the Right and the Left have become parodies of themselves. This is what happens through the process of polarization. Each side becomes more extreme in order to balance what they see as extremism on the other side. Eventually both sides become so extreme that they lose touch with reality and forget how to examine problems from outside their chosen frames of reference. And the process only accelerates over time. It doesn’t end until everything is broken.

Most complex problems can’t be solved by such simplistic, ideological approaches. In fact such approaches then to obscure vital truths. Problems then become symbolic battles over ideological differences. The problem itself becomes a means to an end, a way of promoting the party line. Solving it is no longer the point. So it either doesn’t get solved or the cure turns out to be worse than the disease.

This isn’t about finding a position in the middle. That’s just another misrepresentation of the nature of problem solving. Complex problems require innovative approaches and innovative solutions. They require ingenuity based on deep insights. Rigid ideologies prevent those kinds of insights.

The Right and the Left have become so ideologically paralyzed that they can’t see beyond their narrow frames of reference. They wear ideological glasses that filter out reality. They can no longer properly appraise problems, much less solve them. In the end they only complicate everything. Let’s call them the Hammer Party and the Wrench Party. No matter what the problem is, they both loudly proclaim the superiority of their favorite tool. Then they go to work. But either they can’t fix the problem or they make it worse. Would you keep going back to a mechanic who broke everything he tried to fix?

Phi Beta Iota:  Americans Elect is a BRILLIANT alternative path toward an honest multi-partisan alternative to the left or the right, but it is CORRUPT at this time in its web site implemenation–a rigged deck with no voice for the people.

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