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Who? Mini-Me?

2011-12-23  Mini-Me: Ron Paul is SCARY — Let’s All Gang Up and SMASH Him So He’s Not a Threat to Our Scam

2011-12-23  16% Likely To Support Ron Paul Third Party Bid

2011-12-23 Oh Wait!:  I'm Not a Republican [Donald Trump Eyes Americans Elect]

2011-12-23  Ask the Campaign Doc: A third-party bid in 2012?

2011-12-23  We asked you: Would you support a third-party candidate for president?

YES 51%   .   NO 49%

Party should be irrelevant

When we look at candidates for president, the important issue should be what are the core values of this candidate, and what is this candidate's vision for all Americans. We must look at the person, not the party.

2011-12-23  Independents on the Rise as Voters Leave Major Parties

Party affiliation may be losing its appeal.

More and more voters are registering as independents while the number of Democratic and Republican voters declines, according to a new study by USA Today .

The analysis found that since the 2008 elections, more than 2.5 million voters left both the major parties. Democrats lost the bulk of that, with 1.7 million people leaving the party since 2008.

2011-12-22  Trump Insists Third-Party Candidate Can Beat Obama

2011-12-22  Potential third-party candidates face uphill battle to win, but they could be game-changers

2011-12-21  A third party candidate to replace Obama?

2011-12-21  A third-party Ron Paul: Mitt Romney’s general election nightmare?

2011-12-21   Ron Paul Denies Interest in Third Party Run

2011-12-21  Americans Elect: Can a Well-Heeled Group of Insiders Create a Populist Third-Party Sensation?

2011-12-20  Gary Johnson to drop out of GOP primary to run as Libertarian

PPP found Johnson would draw between 26 and 30 percent of GOP votes, between 12 and 16 percent of Democratic votes and win independents, in a race with either Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominee.

2011-12-20  Poll: Paul as third party candidate could doom GOP in 2012

2011-12-20  Americans Elect wins third-party spot on California ballot

2011-12-20  Campaign 2012: Bring on the third party, er, parties

2011-12-20  Mini-Me: More on Americans Elect Fraud Machine…

2011-12-19  Sen. McCain predicts rise of a third political party in 2012 elections

McCain also warned from the Senate floor that in the next election incumbents from both parties would be in electoral danger.  “I believe that for long enough we have done this, for long enough the American people, who are now in a more dire state then they have been since the Great Depression, are fed up with spending,” said McCain. “I say to all my colleagues … I think in the next election no incumbent is safe.”

2011-12-19  Third-party group on Calif. ballot?

2011-12-19  Ron Paul's Iowa surge triggers GOP anger at his supporters (VIDEO)

2011-12-19  Irregular Times on Americans Elect Fraud

2011-12-18   How to guarantee Ron Paul won't run third party

Public Policy Polling tweeted yesterday that, “Paul performs the best of the Republicans against Obama among independents on almost every poll we ever do.” Independents are known to determine close elections; and Paul has a clear edge here over his Republican rivals.

2011-12-18   Third party might be just an illusion

2011-12-17  Richard Winger: US Ballot Access & Americans Elect

2011-12-17  Outrageous Predictions: 2012 – The Perfect Storm


In 1992, a savvy, yet highly erratic Texas billionaire named Ross Perot managed to take advantage of a recessionary economy and popular disgust with US politics and reap 18.9 percent of the popular vote. Step forward to 2008, and Obama promises “real change” from eight years of Republican rule as the economy is nose-diving. Now, three years of Obama has brought too little change and only additional widespread disillusionment with the entire US political system. Going into the election in 2012, the incumbent Democrats are in ideological disarray and will get the blame for continued economic malaise and the favour-the-rich Republicans will never win the popular vote with the US rich/poor gap at a record width and social tension rising. In short, conditions for a third party candidate have never been riper. Someone smart enough to sense this and with a strong programme for real change throws his hat in the ring early in 2012 and snatches the presidency in November in one of the most pivotal elections in US history, taking 38 percent of the popular vote. A new political order is born.

2011-12-17  Group Clears Path for a Third-Party Ticket

2011-12-16  Americans Elect: Good for Obama, Bad for America

2011-12-16  A third-party candidate in 2012? It's going to happen, pollster says. (VIDEO)

2011-12-16  Ron Paul: I ‘Cannot Conceive' of Third-Party Run

2011-12-15  Louisiana’s former governor to run as a Third Party presidential candidate [announces plans to seek Americans Elect option]

2011-12-14  Justice Party Will Challenge Dems, GOP in 2012 Elections

2011-12-14  Cool the Third-Party Talk: Ron Paul is unlikely to run as a third-party candidate in the 2012 election

2011-12-13 A third major party? Most Americans say it's needed

2011-12-13  Lieberman Pushes Third Party for President Rules Out Running Himself

2011-12-12  Huntsman rules out third-party bid

2011-12-12  Place for third-party candidates is Congress

2011-12-12 Glenn Beck: I’d Vote For A Ron Paul Third Party Candidacy Over Newt Gingrich

2011-12-09  Third-Party Candidates and Lip Tattoos


Is there an opening for a third-party candidate? No and yes. With fewer Americans feeling the need to hurl themselves into party politics, it’s hard to imagine much interest in creating a new one. But there’s almost certainly a market for an independent candidate — perhaps a rich, Ross Perot type (minus the weirdness) who embodies reform and rejects party fealty. Sounds like Bloomberg, but he has his hands full.

2011-12-07  Fertile Ground for 3rd Party Candidate Like Paul

2011-12-05   Trump: I might make third party run for president [dismisses Paul & Huntsman]

2011-12-03  Drop the Fantasy of a Third-Party Candidate Winning in 2012 [Electoral College]

2011-12-02  Christine Todd Whitman to Jon Huntsman: Run third party–he won't rule it out

2011-11-29  Buddy Roemer Hinting at Third-Party Bid?

2011-11-25  Gary Johnson threatens third-party 2012 run

2011-11-22  As GOP candidates rise and fall, talk grows of a third party candidate [Tea Party hates Romney]

2011-11-21  The False Promise of a Third-Party Candidacy

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