Mini-Me: Food Giants Push Congress To Name Pizza A Vegetable

Who? Mini-Me?

Pizza is a vegetable, corn is sugar? When do we start tarring and feathering these unethical morons and any Member of Congress that gives them any time at all?

We note with interest that this story appears on Russia Today TV, which has eclipsed the BBC as a source of useful truthful information–and of course it does not appear here in the USA, where the mainstream media blocked opposing views on the Iraq War, preferring to take money and profer 935 now documented lies.

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Obesity has long been a major problem for many children across America. And while many look for solutions, the government stands accused of turning a blind eye to a trend that’s causing diabetes and heart disease, but spells profit for giant food corporations. RT’s Marina Portnaya tasted what’s on the menu in U.S. public schools.

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