Robert Steele Speaks in Plenary at Presidential Conference

Robert Steele

Robert David Steele is speaking and answering questions for one hour from 0800 Thursday morning, 5 January 2012, at the College Convention 2012 in Concord, New Hampshire.  The first multi-party event of the electoral season in New Hampshire, it includes appearances by “one major,” Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and Buddy Roemer, among others.   Robert will provide a contextual explanation of when and how America began to unravel, beginning in 1975, provide an overview of the Third Party situation, explain the short and long options on Electoral Reform, and generally outline the “Seven Promises to America” as listed below and documented on this website–more substance and truth than on all the other campaign websites combined.

Seven Promises

01 JOBS.  Full employment for citizens instead of bailing out white collar crooks.
02 ELECTORAL REFORM.  Restoring integrity to governance.
03 COALITION CABINET.  Any honest American can govern with a coalition cabinet.
04 BALANCED BUDGET.   Crowd-sourced, citizens in the aggregate should rule.
05 TAX & MONEY REFORM.  APT Tax, end the Fed, stop exploding the dollar.
06 TRUE COST ECONOMICS.  The truth at any cost reduces all other costs.
07  RESILIENCE.  Focus on distributed state and local resilience.

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