Worth a Look: Future of Occupy Newsletter

Worth A Look

“Occupy will never die; Evict us, we multiply!”

Welcome to The Future of Occupy newsletter!

As the movement enters a new phase of its development, having many sites evicted or facing eviction, we dedicate the first issue of FoO to one of its potent life-giving forces, the General Assemblies. Here you will find blogposts about the processes and evolution of the GAs, collaborative thinking, and a set of core declarations from some of the major occupations.

Monthly Downloads
Every month, newly posted key documents (as pdf’s) will be available for download. This month, you can download From the “99%” – The New Common Sense and What is next for the Occupy Movement? Download PDF’s

Selected Headlines:

Under Assemblies what might national, European and global governance look like?
General Assemblies: the primordial soup of social life in the 3rd millennium
Collective Thinking is an essential part of our movement
Beyond Protest: the way of People’s Assemblies
Occupy as a new societal model and ways to improve it
How Occupy innovates and gives new meaning to “mass communication”



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