Worth A Look: YouTubes on Alternative Understanding

Worth A Look, YouTube

This documentary World Government Election Fraud 2012 briefly covers many topics about government, politics, energy, sovereignty, sustainability and self sufficiency (not being dependent on the nanny state) to get everyone past the disinformation.

Part I:  YouTube (14:59)

Part II:  YouTube (15:00)

From the same source:

Anonymous: A message to the rich

Economic Doomsday 2012 – When will America Collapse?

Phi Beta Iota:  In our view, 2012 is an opportunity to achieve non-violent revolutionary reform such that we can rapidly redirect toward resilience and sustainability.  Public intelligence combined with public integrity is the lever.  All signs are that 2012 will be lost, another worse economic crash will occur in 2012, and there will violence in America such as has not been seen since the Watts and Rodney King riots.

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