DefDog: Cufflinks Create Wi-Fi Hotspot

Advanced Cyber/IO

NEW Polished Silver Oval Wifi and 2GB USB Cufflinks

These Cufflinks will give you a Wifi Hotspot on the go!!

Polished Silver Oval WiFi and 2GB USB Combination Cufflinks.
These cufflinks feature 2GB USB storage plus they provide a WiFi hotspot to multiple devices! You can also access media servers from the host computer. Perfect for business meetings, travel and techies everywhere.

WiFi Connection
Simply download the accompanying installation software to an Internet ready host computer, insert the USB hotspot cufflink into that computer’s USB port, and the computer then becomes a high-speed WiFi hotspot. It also enables the computer to wirelessly share media files with electronic devices like tablets and smartphones.

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What Connects?

Smartphones, tablets or any other wireless device!

Dimensions: .75″ L x .75″ W x .25″ H

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