DefDog: Know Your Enemy – What USG Cannot Learn…

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Below, written by a great mind in Europe and published at the link below, answers the question of why we know so very little about our “enemy”, whomever it may be……

What They Don’t Teach You in “Thinking Like the Enemy” Classes

…these classes are NOT teaching you how the enemy really thinks. They can’t. And they’re doing more harm than good.


1. The enemy is not homogenous.

2. The enemy will invest much more resources in staging an attack than you think is worth it.

3. The enemy can and will readily exploit the one thing in our society that we think has made us so advanced and civilized: trust.

4. The enemy is very capable of planning and interweaving multiple attacks across multiple channels to get to their target.

5. The enemy probably doesn’t have everything you have but that doesn’t mean that if we don’t have it they don’t either.

6. The enemy will take advantage of your superego.

Read full article (lengthy comment on each of the above).

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