DefDog: NYT Labels Karzai “Volatile” Instead of USA ???

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Interesting headline…..why is it that we place the blame on others (Karzai more volatile) when we (the US) completely ignores him and runs roughshod over his country? That would make anyone “volatile”. This is how the world sees us, it is all about integrity….something the government lacks in spades.

Gulf Widens Between U.S. and a More Volatile Karzai

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New York Times, 17 March 2012

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Americans in Afghanistan are “demons.”

They claim they burned Korans by mistake, but really those were “Satanic acts that will never be forgiven by apologies.”

The massacre of 16 Afghan children, women and men by an American soldier “was not the first incident, indeed it was the 100th, the 200th and 500th incident.”

Such harsh talk may sound as if it comes from the Taliban, but those are all remarks either made personally by the United States’ increasingly hostile ally here, President Hamid Karzai, or issued by his office in recent days and weeks.

The strongest such outburst came Friday. “Let’s pray for God to rescue us from these two demons,” Mr. Karzai said, apparently holding back tears at a meeting with relatives of the massacre victims, and clearly referring to the United States and the Taliban in the same breath. “There are two demons in our country now.”

Ever since the Koran-burning episode on Feb. 20 and its violent aftermath, the relationship between the two governments has lurched from one crisis to another. American officials have scrambled to run damage control, with President Obama expressing a personal apology for the Koran burning, as well as regrets about the massacre, while calling Mr. Karzai twice in the past week.

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Phi Beta Iota:  There are two Special Forces in the USA today — the old hands that stayed on, resisting the lure of higher wages from private military contractors, and the mass produced newbies that have no clue.  The true Special Forces — the old hands — agree with Karzai.  The USA is out of control, lacks legitimacy, and has no idea  what to do other than bluster and do more harm.

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