Eagle: Occupy to Attorney General – Enforce Constitution – Criminal Complaint Filed Against All Members

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Forum Post: Tell Eric Holder US Attorney General To Enforce The Constitution Upon Congress – Criminal complaint filed against all members

This is important. Officials need to know that you know and care about congresses violations of oath and constitution by failing to convene an Article V convention.

Contact the AG here to assist in direct defense of the Constitution.


Here are details on the legal complaint against congress to the Attorney General. This is absolutely legitimate and is based in congress having intentionally misinterpreted the constitution regarding citizens first and last right, Article V. This violation of law IS criminal.


Article V is the codification of this part of the Declaration of Independence.

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is a delusional silly endeavor by Occupy.  They had one chance, from November to the reconvening of Congress in January, to focus on the Electoral Reform Act of 2012, and they blew it.  They got so hung up on kum-ba-ya children's games and allowing single individuals to block coherent consensus that they frittered away a once in a lifetime opportunity to scare Congress into restoring the integrity of the electoral system.  Occupy is not dead but it has been marginalized.

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