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The George Washington University: University Seminar on Reflexive Systems

Thursday, March 15  from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (coffee provided, lunch afterward)

Funger Hall, Room 320   2201 G Street NW

THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Coping with Complexity via Transparency, Truth, & Trust

PLUS (See Below the Line) 2 Briefings, 4 Written Answers to Provost Questions

Robert David STEELE Vivas, CEO Earth Intelligence Network (501c3)

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The University Seminar will introduce a forthcoming book, THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust (Evolver Editions, 5 June 2012) with particular attention to the role that integrity plays in making reflexivity possible.

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UPDATE:  The session will address the questions raised by the Provost in the Charge to the Four Working Groups on the future of GWU.  Below is the Provost's opening message and a link followed by Steele's notional briefing, and actual answers to all questions.

Strategic planning for the next decade at George Washington University is underway, led by the Office of the Provost. A steering committee has been appointed to guide the process, and working committees have been assigned to explore relevant topics. The plan, on target to be finished in Fall 2012, will lay out priorities for a transformational decade culminating in the university's 200th anniversary in 2021.

Our goal in the planning process is to engage the widest possible range of stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and trustees. There are numerous opportunities for stakeholders to offer their views. We welcome your comments. I invite you to learn more about the strategic planning process and to offer your opinions. Please visit our Strategic Planning Website at http://provost.gwu.edu/strategic-plan.

Sincerely, Steven Lerman, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

GWU Strategic Planning Charge (PDF 23 Pages).pdf

GWU Provost Questions Alone (Template for Response).doc

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GWU Provost Strategic Questions – A Globalization with Answers from Robert Steele.doc

GWU Provost Strategic Questions – B Governance and Policy with Answers from Robert Steele.doc

GWU Provost Strategic Questions – C Innovation via Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Answers from Robert Steele.doc

GWU Provost Strategic Questions – D Citizenship and Leadership with Answers from Robert Steele.doc

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Robert Steele's long-standing core premise is that the fragmentation of our academic disciplines and the divide among all sectors of society, is like sand in the gears of a very complex delicate machine.  He likes to say “the truth at any cost reduces all other costs.”   Needed is a new theory and practice of the craft of intelligence qua decision-support, a unification, integration, and reconstitution of education, intelligence (decision-support), and research, all to the end of creating a Smart Nation.  Integrity is central.  What is integrity?  Join us for a very unusual discussion that will also outline a vision for the future of GWU that is directly responsive to the Provost; that strives to make GWU a Top 10 university in the world; and that will, if implemented, make GWU the hub for a “Smart Nation.”

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Open Source Manifesto Final 33 Slides
Steele The Craft of Intelligence 1.48
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2011-08-10 0 Letter to GW President ONE IDEA 2.2
2011-08-10 1 GW Tight Brief 2.6
2011-08-10 2 No More Secrets Two Reviews Six Pages

Robert Steele

About the Author

Robert David Steele (59) has earned an AB in political science, an MA in International Relations, an MPA in Public Administration, and a diploma in national security strategy and economics from the Naval War College.  He has published books on intelligence, information operations, peacekeeping intelligence, and collective intelligence.  After eighteen years in Asia and Latin America as the son of an oil engineer, and his first two degrees, he joined the US Marine Corps, serving four years active and sixteen reserve.  He is qualified in infantry, intelligence, and S-1/Adjutant (large unit personnel and security management).  He joined the CIA in 1979, serving three back-to-back clandestine tours overseas including one focused on terrorism, returning to do three Washington DC tours in counterintelligence, advanced information processing and analysis, and satellite operations.  He left the CIA at the invitation of the Marine Corps to become the second ranking civilian in Marine Corps Intelligence, responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Center, today a global command.  He resigned from the government in 1993 to become the evangelist for Open Source Everything.

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