IVN Steele on Electoral Reform Part 5: Debates

Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Steele on Electoral Reform – Part 5: Debates

Independent Voter Network, 16 March 2012

Each state shall sponsor at least one presidential debate for a total of 50 debates, each state determining the questions, format, and participants. Each state shall sponsor at least one cabinet-level debate among designated individuals, e.g. the Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Defense, etcetera. National debates shall be based on national polls that are open-ended with respect to who voters wish to see and hear participate in such debates. Candidates must participate in all debates to be eligible for free and equal access to public media.

Apart from ballot access, ending gerrymandering, and ending campaign finance corruption, the single biggest determinant of whether the public can elect responsible capable and citizen-oriented representatives had to do with both their participation in debates, and their access to the public airwaves.

The two-party tyranny created the Presidential Debate Commission specifically to put the League of Women Voters out of business.  The League had the temerity to want to include third, fourth, and fifth parties in the presidential debates, and to ask questions not provided to the candidates beforehand.  It just makes me sick to my stomach to think that our public has gone along with this dishonesty for so long

Every certified national party — and such parties as might qualify for ballot access in any given year — must be included in all debates, and the public airwaves must be FREE with equal reasonable time for all qualified candidates.  This alone will dramatically increase the range of choice and the breadth of public appreciation for Independent and now excluded third party candidates.

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