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Worth A Look
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PogoWasRight.org is my attempt to increase awareness of privacy news and issues. The site is not affiliated with any Pogo or Walt Kelly enterprises or web site. If you are looking for the official Pogo web site, it is at PogoPossum.com. Please send them my love.

PogoWasRight.org was born in 2006 because I wanted to expand the privacy news and issues coverage that I had been providing Cotse.net and then for TheMissingAmendment.org.  I chose the name PogoWasRight because I am a fan of the cartoon character and think that his “We have met the enemy and he is us” applies equally well to privacy as it did to the environment.

This site does not accept any advertising or political sponsorship. If I promote or recommend a site, it’s because I believe that they are worth promoting and for no other reason. I am a long-time independent and am an equal opportunity sniper when it comes to political organizations.

When I am not working on this site or its companion sites, www.databreaches.net and phiprivacy.net, I am a licensed mental health professional who is also an active advocate for the disability community. I occasionally discuss those topics on my personal blog, the Chronicles of Dissent. I choose to remain pseudoanonymous on my privacy sites for a variety of reasons.

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