Mini-Me: Information Operations–Who’s on First?

Who? Mini-Me?

We used to emphasize incompetence over conspiracy.  The Kony 2012 IO “story” is being exploded by multiple sources, most of which accuse the KONY administrators of being out and out thieves who deliver less than 30% of collected funds to any good use; and who have been reinventing themselves each year.

There are many truths — what has been most interesting about this has been the fluid co-equal nature of multiple truths.

The TRUTH behind the KONY 2012 movement


The Daily Paul, 8 March 2012

Why is there a sudden interest in KONY after years and years of crimes?

(Note that the Kony 2012 documentary was filmed in 2003  almost 10 years ago!!!!)

The premise:

Uganda: Oil Reserves Rival Saudi Arabia's, Says U.S. Expert

Kampala — Uganda's oil reserves could be as much as that of the Gulf countries, a senior official at the US Department of Energy has said.

The urgency today:

CNOOC weighs Uganda refinery (2 weeks ago, 2/22/12)

BEIJING – China National Offshore Oil Corp, the country's biggest marine oil producer, is negotiating with Uganda to participate in the African country's first refinery, adjacent to the Lake Albert Basin.

China has deepened links with resource-rich African nations in recent years as it looks to secure key commodities to feed its breakneck growth.

Another war we must fight to preserve the petrodollar system.

Obama sends 100 troops to combat LRA in Uganda

Explain to me how we are to start wars in Syria, Iran and Uganda

Censoring dissent:

Facebook users are reporting that facebook is blocking the sharing of a link “” which is somewhat critical of “Invisible Children” the group behind the documentary

Only 31% of the “charity's” money is spent on the children according to True Reddit.

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