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Vivek Ranadive may be a very clever man using the top 200 rich to finance a system that could rapidly be “flipped” to empower the bottom up.  Or he may be a very evil person who is planning to empower the top 200 in the same way that he empowered Goldman Sachs. If the top 200 are selecting those to be in the loop, this will accelerate their destruction of the Earth.  If instead this can be used to subtly educate the top 200 on “true costs” and show them how to achieve profit while doing good, it could be revolutionary.  If it can be rapidly scaled to be bottom-up in nature, it could be revolutionary.  Only time will tell.

The Private Social Network For The Extremely Rich and Powerful

An Esquire piece on $4 billion software company Tibco discusses its latest, perhaps most significant project:

TopCom is a private communications platform for the 200 most powerful people in the world. It is being officially launched in late January at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It is basically a customized, ridiculously secure version of tibbr, a platform developed as a kind of combination Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, texting, and Skype. It is a private social network, essentially — in this case, for world leaders.

Because the World Economic Forum has a hierarchy, so does TopCom: The top two hundred WEF members — basically, the people who run the world — can speak to one another on a given subject, and then they can choose to loop in members from lower tiers (experts, academics, etc.) as needed, widening the pool of knowledge on whatever problem is on the table.

Esquire Article

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