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Phi Beta Iota:  No one does this correctly for multiple reasons.  Tracking dollar inputs or dollar outputs is virtually useless as a means of achieving outcomes, and often the agencies and departments do not even have desired outcomes, just low-rent budget share agreements.  To get this right you need:

a)  True cost information spanning the full spectrum of threats, policies, and options

b)  A national strategy centered on the public interest, not the private interests that now own the government

c)  Intelligence with integrity in the development of coherent Whole of Government campaign plans — this especially demands an end to government loopholes, subsidies, earmarks, and other forms of corrupt micro-management and administrative law that serve only to force more political money into play

d)  Honest accounting including a commitment to zero inflation and no myths about the future

e)  An Office of Management and Budget that can actually Manage, not just Budget

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