Mini-Me: Geithner’s Fingerprints? Tungsten Gold Bar in UK + Meta-RECAP on Financial Fraud

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Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK

The last time a story of Tungsten-filled gold appeared on the scene was just two years ago, and involved a 500  gram bar of gold full of tungsten, at the W.C. Heraeus foundry, the world’s largest metal refiner and fabricator. It also became known that said “gold” bar originated from an unnamed bank.

It is now time to rekindle the Tungsten Spirits with a report from ABC Bullion of Australia, which provides photographic evidence of a new gold bar that has been drilled out and filled with tungsten rods, this time not in Germany but in an unnamed city in the UK, where it was intercepted by a scrap metals dealer, and was supplied with its original certificate. The reason the bar attracted attention is that it was 2 grams underweight.

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Upon cropping it was uncovered that about 30-40% of the bar weight was tungsten. So two documented incidents in two years: isolated? Or indication of the same phenomonenon of precious metal debasement that marked the declining phase of the Roman empire. Only then it was relatively public for anyone who cared to find out on their own. Now, with the bulk of popular physical gold held in top secret, private warehouses around the world, where it allegedly backs the balance sheets of the world’s central banks, yet nobody can confirm its existence, nor audit the actual gold content, it is understandable why increasingly more are wondering: just how much gold is there? And alongside that – while gold, (or is it GLD?), can be rehypothecated, can one do the same with tungsten?

Read more, two more photos.

Phi Beta Iota: The value of the missing gold in this very small bar is on the order of $15,000 to $20,000.  In larger bars such as New York Bank is suspected of systematically diluting, the value would be a double order of magnitude.

All signs point toward a massive financial collapse in the USA immediately following the November 2012 elections.  If either of the two corrupt political parties staff the White House, the USA is toast.  We desperately need electoral reform in  time for November 2012, an honest coalition cabinet, and a crowd-sourced balanced budget such as recommended by We the People Reform Coalition.  Both China and Germany are auditing gold; the integrity of the Federal Reserve and especially the New York Bank are in the toilet.

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