Berto Jongman: A Holistic Take on Our Health

07 Health, 11 Society
Berto Jongman

About The Film:  The Cure is …. explores the relationship of our emotions to our health and clearly demonstrates how our thoughts not only contribute to disease but may be the most powerful factor in determining whether we succumb to illness and even life threatening disease. So powerful are our thoughts that they can even negate the benefits of even the healthiest of diets.

The Cure Is…. is a film of self-discovery and empowerment which brings forth the most important message to come along in decades, that we, as individuals, control our wellbeing. And, our emotions play a crucial role in how we experience even life itself.

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The Cure is… empowers the viewer to alter their belief system, to learn how to enjoy life, to experience happiness and control over their emotions to achieve superior health.

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