DefDog: Nurturing Innovation in Spite of Really Rotten Rote Education + RECAP

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For years I have done similar approaches when teaching….and have been told to stop because “it is not the way it is done!”  My classes were consistently better equipped to deal with the problems they faced as intelligence officers than the school house folks……they weren't afraid of an intelligence failure of the information kind, only the grey matter kind…..

Educating the Next Steve Jobs

How can schools teach students to be more innovative? Offer hands-on classes and don't penalize failure


Wall Street Journal, 13 April 2012

Most of our high schools and colleges are not preparing students to become innovators. To succeed in the 21st-century economy, students must learn to analyze and solve problems, collaborate, persevere, take calculated risks and learn from failure. To find out how to encourage these skills, I interviewed scores of innovators and their parents, teachers and employers. What I learned is that young Americans learn how to innovate most often despite their schooling—not because of it.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The article restates what has been known for decades.  That the WSJ should think this is in any way new is itself a statement on the WSJ state of mindlessness.  Schools today — the exceptions aside — are industrial era rote prisons that beat the creativity out of children by the fifth grade.  There is a need to learn history and memorize formulas — no question on that point — but learning to learn in the modern era — and learning to program the electronic tools with which we can learn and share and make sense despite the moral and intellectual constipation of Google, Microsoft, and Oracle, to name just three dead-end companies — this matters.

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