Event: 16-19 July Las Vegas 2012 International Conference on Internet Computing

Advanced Cyber/IO

2012 International Conference on Internet Computing

Dates: Jul 16 – 19, 2012

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Social networks
  • Next generation of internet + modeling and analysis
  • Traffic models and statistics
  • Metacomputing
  • Electronic commerce and internet
  • Resource management and location
  • Design and analysis of internet protocols and engineering
  • Web based computing
  • Web mining
  • Network architectures and network computing
  • Network operating systems
  • Quality of service
  • Wide area consistency
  • Internet and emerging technologies
  • Internet security and trust
  • Internet law and compliance
  • Internet and scalability issues
  • Internet delivery and applications
  • Internet telephony
  • Internet based decision support systems
  • Internet and enterprise management
  • Internet applications and appliances
  • Internet banking systems
  • Internet and video technologies
  • Internetworking
  • Denial of service issues
  • Caching algorithms for the internet
  • Grid based computing and internet tools
  • Cooperative applications
  • Tele-medical and other applications
  • Mobile computing and the internet
  • Agents for internet computing
  • The WWW and intranets
  • Digital libraries/digital image collections
  • Languages for distributed programming
  • Web interfaces to databases
  • User-interface/multimedia/video/audio/user interaction
  • The internet and Cloud computing
  • Markup Languages/HTML/XML/VRML/…
  • Java applications on internet
  • Alternative web lifestyles, role-playing, chat, …
  • Server space/web server performance
  • Web monitoring
  • Web documents management
  • Web site design and coordination
  • Other aspects and applications relating to internet-based computing
  • Workshop on Computer Games Design and Development:
    • Managing gaming communities
    • Augmented reality games
    • Game architectures
    • Special-purpose hardware for games
    • Computer games and education
    • Mobile and ubiquitous games
    • Games and the web
    • Making quality game textures
    • Threading technologies for games
    • Assessment of new generation of computer games
    • The impact of art and culture in game design
    • Game theory as it relates to internet
    • Artificial intelligence and computer games
    • Tools for game development on the internet
    • Grid computing and games
    • Massively multiplayer games and issues
    • Social impact of computer games
    • Wavelets technology for games
    • Compression methods for games
    • 3D hardware accelerators for games on the internet
    • Audio-video communication tools for network 3D games
    • Virtual actors
    • Virtual world creation
    • Background sound/music for games
    • Holographic displays and games
    • Computer graphics and virtual reality tools for games
    • Innovative products for game development
    • Interface technologies
    • Case studies

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