Howard Rheingold: Ann Blair on The History of Information

Cultural Intelligence, IO History
Howard Rheingold

Ann Blair on The History of Information

The history professor and author of Too Much to Know: Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age tells us what researchers have been discovering about how earlier human societies collected, organised and used information…

Amazing read and historical perspective about transmission. Knowledge and information are actually very different concept :

“This book doesn’t actually focus on the term information but it talks about the institutions that made knowledge possible. Its first volume runs “From Gutenberg to Diderot” – in other words, mid-15th to mid-18th century. A second volume stretches “From the Encyclopédie to Wikipedia”, from the mid-18th century to the 21st century.

Peter Burke is a great cultural historian who has worked on many different aspects of the transmission of knowledge – including, for example, how historians worked, or how ideas about good behaviour at court were transmitted. In this synthetic pair of books he explores the question: What were the institutions that were collecting, classifying, sorting and disseminating information?”

In our world now where information is everywhere, how you make sure that knowledge is still accessible ?  Curation is now not only a great means to express yourself but also an obvious path to become a gatekeeper and a qualitative filter.  This article gives an awesome perspective on an universal and eternal inspiring mission : transmission.

Read full interview (three screens).

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