Howard Rheingold: Visualizing Political Bias with Greasemonkey –

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Howard Rheingold

Visualizing Political Bias with Greasemonkey –

A little technically complicated to install, but this filter is an example of the kind of crap-detection/information-evaluation filters that the infotentive will be able to use as filter-tech becomes more user-friendly — Howard

“With the help of founder Joshua Schachter, we used a recommendation algorithm to score every blog on Memeorandum based on their linking activity in the last three months. Then I wrote a Greasemonkey script to pull that information out of Google Spreadsheets, and colorize Memeorandum on-the-fly. Left-leaning blogs are blue and right-leaning blogs are red, with darker colors representing strong biases. Check out the screenshot below, and install the Greasemonkey script or standalone Firefox extension to try it yourself.”

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