Reference: Gordon Cook on Technology, Economics & Public Interest – Occupy and the Current Global Downturn

Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet
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2012-04-13 Cook Report Technology Economy and Public Interest

Phi Beta Iota:  Gordon Cook sets the gold standard for thoughtful integrated observations and analysis of the Internet.  His materials is read by the greatest of pioneers such as Vint Cerf, as well as by those who aspire to be pionoeers, such as those building the Freedom Tower and the Autonomous Internet Roadmap.  Some say data is the new dirt.  Others say data is the new gold.  We say that cyber is the new world mind, in which humans, information, and the connections among them become the World Brain and implement a transparency so strong that it eradicates corruption and ends fraud, waste, and abuse against the many and in favor of the few.

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Reference: Gordon Cook on Freedom Tower and the Autonomous Internet – Peer to Peer User-Owned Communications and Computing Infrastructure


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