Sepp Hasslberger: Cyclone Power Adds A Modern Twist to the Steam Engine

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Sepp Hasslberger

Cyclone Power Adds A Modern Twist to the Steam Engine

Cyclone Power Technologies, a Pompano Beach, Florida company, focuses on solving our dependence on fossil fuels with its heat regenerative external combustion engines.

“This engine works when steam enters the top of each of the six radially arranged cylinders (20) and pushs the pistons (54) downward in sequence.”

“The rotating action of the pistons connected through the spyder bearing (60) turns the crank shaft (24) in an orbiting motion around the central longitudinal axis of the crankshaft (24).”

“The engine does not use motor oil as water is both the working fluid and the lubricant.”

“The engine can run on any source of heat, including waste heat from industrial sources.”

Sepp Comments:

This could enable distributed, backyard concentrated solar power generation applications. Now we just need good storage technology for the electricity.

There's also a video, which you find here… 

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